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Linux Journal Issue #34/February 1997


NF/Observatory Networking with Linux  by Fred Treasure
An observatory in New Mexico uses Linux to network the computers providing remote control of its optical telescope.
xldlas - A Program for Statistics  by Thor Sigvaldason
Unable to find a program for doing simple statistical choresthat worked on Linux, the author decided to write one.
What is Multi-Threading?  by Martin McCarthy
A primer on multi-threading: the process whereby linux manages several tasks simultaneously.

News & Articles

A Comparison of Xemacs and GNU emacs  by Larry Ayers
Introducing Real-Time Linux  by Michael Barabanov and Victor Yodaiken
At Last, An X-Based vi  by Dan Wilder
XBanner: Making XDM More Attractive  by Amit Margalit
Graphing with lout  by Michael Hall
WATCHDOG: The Linux Software Daemon  by Michael Meskes


Product Review   System Commander  by Terrence Miller
Book Review   Practical UNIX and Internet Security, 2nd ed.  by Dan Wilder


At the Forge   CGI Programming  by Reuven Lerner
Writing CGI Scripts in Python  by Michel Vanaken
CGI: Safety First  by Hans de Vreught


Letters to the Editor  
Stop the Presses   DECUS and OSW  by Gary Moore and Phil Hughes
Linux Means Business   Practical Linux: A Bosnian Experience  by John Gorkos
New Products  
Linux Gazette   Tips from the Graphic Muse  by Michael J Hammel
Best of Tech Support  by Gena Shurtleff
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