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Linux Journal Issue #36/April 1997


Serial Terminal as Console  by Francesco Conti
Sans video card, sans keyboard, sans monitor: the amazing headless Linux box.
Building the Perfect Box: How to Design Linux Workstation  by Eric S Raymond
These days, it's possible to put together a decent personal Unix Platform for less than $2,000 US.
Thread-Specific Data and Signal Handling in Multi-Threaded Applications  by Martin McCarthy
This second part of a series on Multi-threading deals with how to use C programs with one of the POSIX packages available for Linux to handle signals and concurrent threads

News & Articles

Creating Animations with POV-Ray  by Andy Vaught
The /proc File System and ProcMeter  by Andrew M. Bishop
Somebody Still Uses Assembly Language?  by Richard A. Sevenich


Product Review   Applixware 4.2 for Linux  by Gary Moore
Book Review   Active Java and Exploring Java  by Danny Yee


Using Perl to Check Web Links  by Jim Weirich
At the Forge   Quizzes  by Reuven Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
From the Publisher   Linux—The Internet Appliance?  by Phil Hughes
Stop the Presses   Usenix/Uselinux in Anaheim  by Phil Hughes
Linux Means Business   Using Linux at Lectra Systemes  by Pierre Ficheux
Novice to Novice   A 10-Minute Guide for Using PPP to Connect Linux to the Internet  by Terry Dawson
Take Command   od—The Oddest Little Text Utility Around  by Randy Zack
New Products  
Linux Gazette   Indexing Texts with SMART  by Hans Paijmans
Linux Gazette   History of the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) Format  by Greg Roelofs
Best of Tech Support  by Gena Shurtleff
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