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Linux Journal Issue #39/July 1997


An Introduction to IC Design under Linux  by Toby Schaffer & Alan W Glaser
Linux becomes a platform that can be used to create realworld, working chips when freely available tools are used in concert.
Analyzing Circuits with SPICE on Linux  by Kevin Cosgrove
Designing many of today's circuuits would be impossible without the aid of SPICE—the Simulations Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis.
Porting Scientific and Engineering Programs to Linux  by Charles T Kelsey IV and Gary L Masters
One can compile scientific and engineering code under Linux using free FORTRAN 77 options.
Linux Out of the Real World  by Sebastian Kuzminsky
Plant experiments run by Linux ride the space shuttle.

News & Articles

Octave: A Free, High-Level Language for Mathematics  by Malcolm Murphy
Programming with the XForms Library, Part 1  by Thor Sigvaldason
Send Your Smile By E-mail  by Frank Pilhofer
Letter to Bob: Configuring an Intel Linux System  by Jon “maddog” Hall
CeBIT '97  by Belinda Frasier


Product Review   MicroStation 95 for Linux  by Bradley Willson
Book Review   Learning the bash Shell  by Danny Yee
Book Review   Source Code Secrets: The Basic Kernel  by Phil Hughes


At the Forge   Multiple Choice Quizes, Part 3  by Reuven Lerner


Letters to the Editor  
From the Publisher   Is Linux Reliable Enough?  
Stop the Presses   Linux Expo  by Jon “maddog” Hall
Take Command   wc  by Alexandre Valente Sousa
Linux Means Business   MYDATA's Industrial Robots  by Tom Bjorkholm
Linux Gazette   Clueless at the Prompt  by Mike List
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Best of Technical Support  
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