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Linux Journal Issue #48/April 1998


Using Linux in a Control and Robotics Lab  by Jon Davis
How a lab at Queen's University is using Linux to develop programs and control hardware experiments.
Biomedical Research and Linux  by Roger S. Flugel
Linux is readily establishing itself in the biomedical field as a powerful and reliable system for research computing.
Latvian Government Uses Linux  by Dmitrie Komarov
Mr. Komarov tells us how he used Linux to give an old database new capabilities and thereby saved his government money.
Satellite Remote Sensing of the Oceans  by Simon J. Keogh, Emmanouil Oikonomou, Daniel Ballestero and Ian Robinson
Presented here is an overview of the kind of remote sensing that is done at Southampton University and how Linux has helped improve our productivity.
Small Business Marketing of Linux  by Cliff Seruntine
Linux is a good business product. This article deals with the why, how and who of selling Linux.

News & Articles

Building Projects With Imake  by Otto Hammersmith
Here's an explanation of how Imake works and how you can use it to build your executables—an article for programmers with C and Unix programming skills.
Linux Network Programming, Part 3: CORBA: The Software Bus  by Ivan Griffin, Mark Donnelly and John Nelson
This month we are presented with an introduction to the networking of distributed objects and the use of CORBA.
Financial Calculation Programs for Linux  by James Shapiro
Mr. Shapiro shows us how to write a program to compute internal rate of return using three programming languages supported by Linux—Perl, C and Java.
LJ Interviews Mr. Eid Eid of Corel Computer  by Marjorie Richardson
Helping Netscape Make History  by Eric S. Raymond
Netscape source is now free, who would have thought it? Eric Raymond, that's who. Here are his insights into this momentous event.


Product Reviews   Visual SlickEdit: A Commercial Editor for Programmers  by Larry Ayers
Product Reviews   WordPerfect 7 for Linux  by Michael Scott Shappe
Product Reviews   TeraSpell 97 for Emacs  by Daniel Lazenby
Book Reviews   Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk  by John McLaughlin
Book Reviews   Protecting Your Web Site with Firewalls  by Leam Hall


At the Forge   Using What We've Learned  by Reuven M. Lerner
This month Mr. Lerner shows us how to set up a web site using many of the techniques he's taught us over the past months.


Letters to the Editor  
From the Editor   Workplace Solutions  by Marjorie Richardson
Stop the Presses   The Software world—It's a Changin'  by Phil Hughes
New Products  
System Administration   Managing your Logs with Chklogs  by Emilio Grimaldo
Managing your Logs with Chklogs An introduction to a program written by Mr. Grimaldo to manage system logs.
Kernel Korner   Writing a Linux Driver  by Fernando Matia
The main goal of this article is to learn what a driver is, how to implement a driver for Linux and how to integrate it into the operating system. An article for the experienced C programmer.
Linux Gazette   Configuring procmail with The Dotfile Generator  by Jesper Pedersen
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