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Linux Journal Issue #50/June 1998


Virtual Domains and qmail  by Mike Thomas
Here's a way to get control of your mail with secure, high performance and freely available software called qmail.
PPPui: A Friendly GUI for PPP  by Nathan Meyers
Having problems setting up PPP? Mr. Meyers gives us a graphical interface to make it easy.
Quickly Setting Up PLIP and NFS  by Loris Renggli
Need to transfer files between your desktop and your laptop? Here's the easy way to do it by networking.
Introducing the Network Information Service for Linux  by Preston Brown
NIS is a system for sharing system information between machines. Mr. Brown tells us how to set up and use it.
Getting in the Fast Lane  by Michael Hughes
Here's how to set up a broadband connection for your home or office LAN.

News & Articles

The Coda Distributed File System  by Peter J. Braam
Carnegie Mellon University has developed an exciting file system. Mr. Braam, one of the developers, tells us all about it.
Magick with Images  by Steve Whitehouse
Mr. Whitehouse gives us an introduction to a free software package for manipulating images—ImageMagick.
Virtual Interview with Jeremy Allison and Andrew Tridgell  by John Blair
Author John Blair talks to two members of the Samba development team to discover some history and take a look at the future of the project.
Linux WAN Routers: Musings of a Network Administrator  by Tony Mancill
Another great use for Linux; Mr. Mancill tells us why his company picked Linux routers over the big names.
Linus Speaks at SVLUG meeting  by Chris DiBona


Caldera OpenLinux Version 1.2  by Sid Wentworth
Red Hat Linux 5.0  by Michael Taht and Retro
Linux and the PalmPilot This article contains all the information you need to run Linux on the Palm Pilot personal digital assistant.  by Michael J. Hammel
Administering Usenet News Servers  by Liam Greenwood
Samba: Integrating UNIX and Windows  by Dan Wilder


At the Forge   Server-Side Includes  by Reuven M. Lerner
Don't want to learn CGI but still want dynamic web pages? Mr. Lerner introduces us to server-side includes.


Letters to the Editor  
From the Editor   Connectivity  by Marjorie Richardson
Stop the Presses   Open Source Summit  by Eric Raymond
Linux Apprentice   Understanding /dev  by Preston F. Crow
Understanding /dev This article gives us a basic introduction to device files and their uses.
Linux Means Business   South African Business Uses Linux to Connect  by Paul Daniels
South African Business Uses Linux to Connect The story of a company replacing Windows systems with Linux to obtain better speed and greater reliability.
New Products  
System Administration   Mtool: Performance Monitoring for Multi-platform Systems  by Andrej Sostaric, Milan Gabor and Andreas Gygi
Linux Gazette   An Intranet Filing System  by Justin Seiferth
An Intranet Filing System Mr. Seiferth offers us a solution for keeping track of shared files on over an Intranet that utilizes several operating systems.
Best of Technical Support  
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