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Linux Journal Issue #58/February 1999


COAS: A Flexible Approach to System Administration Tools  by Olaf Kirch
Caldera is working on a new easy-to-use configuration tool for Linux. Mr. Kirch gives us the details.
Csound for Linux  by David Phillips
Mr. Phillips discusses some history as well as what's happening now in the Linux Csound world.
Hunting Hurricanes  by C. Wayne Wright and Edward J. Walsh
The authors tell us about hunting hurricane using the Scanning Radar Altimeter based on the Linux system and analyzing the data with Yorick.
University of Toronto WearComp Linux Project  by Dr. Steve Mann
Dr. Mann describes his WearComp (“Wearable Computer”) invention and how it has evolved into the same kind of philosophical basis for self determination and mastery over one's own destiny that is characteristic of the Linux operating system that currently runs on WearComp.

News & Articles

Virtual Network Computing  by Brian Harvey
Mr. Harvey tells us about virtual network computing and how to set it up to control MS Windows Application from Linux.
Configuring ATM Networks  by Wayne J. Salamon
This article describes how to configure Linux-based PCs and an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) switch to build on ATM network.
The GNOME Project  by Miguel de Icaza
What is GNOME and where is it heading? Miguel tells us all.
KDE: The Highway Ahead  by Kalle Dalheimer
In this article, Mr. Dalheimer describes some of the plans being made for future versions of KDE.


P-Synch: Changing the Way We Change Passwords  by Tim Parker


Linux Apprentice   The login Process  by Andy Vaught
System Administration   Caching the Web, Part 2  by David Guerrero
This month Mr. Guerrero tells us about the definitive proxy-cache server, Squid.
At the Forge   Creating a Web-based BBS, Part 2  by Reuven M. Lerner
Mr. Lerner continues to look at the bulletin board system, examining the code that works with individual messages.
Focus on Software  by David A. Bandel


Letters to the Editor  
Letters to the Editor More Letters to the Editor
Guest Editorial   Software Libre and Commercial Viability  by Alessandro Rubini
Software Libre and Commercial Viability Mr. Rubini gives us his opinion of the Open Source movement.
Stop the Presses  by Marjorie Richardson
Announcements by Sun and Troll Tech
Best of Technical Support  
New Products  

Strictly On-line

Color Reactiveness on the Desktop  by Bowie Poag
Mr. Poag describes the InSight project which is designing a desktop where color is used to inform the user of what is happening with his applications.
Building Network Management Tools with Tcl/Tk  by Syd Logan
LJ Interviews Informix's Janet Smith  by Marjorie Richardson
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