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Linux Journal Issue #85/May 2001


Focus: Training and Certification  by Richard Vernon
Training Digital Divide Warriors  by Ana Maria Harkins
The skinny on training techno missionaries.
An Accurate Assesment?  by Richard Morgan
A review of the LPIC process.
Why Be Certified?  by Tobin Maginnis
The value of certification.


Using Python to Query MySQL over the Net  by Mihai Bisca
Use Python to upgrade your site's search.
MOSIX: A Cluster Load-Balancing Solution for Linux  by Ibrahim F. Haddad and Evangeline Paquin
A clustered Linux telecom-grade internet server.
Apache Toolbox  by Ralph Krause
The Apache Toolbox simplifies installation and configuration of the Apache web server.
Boot with GRUB  by Wayne Marshall
Run multiple OSes with free GRUB.


Take Command   An Introduction to DNS and DNS Tools  by Neil Anuskiewicz
Kernel Korner   Linux Teleconferencing: Improving the Wireless Network  by Izzet Agoren
At the Forge   JavaServer Pages  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Fly Me to the Wine Cellar  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Checking Your Work with Scanners, Part I (of II): nmap  by Mick Bauer


Focus on Software  by David Bandel
Linux for Suits   Adjusting to Life in the Bazaar  by Doc Searls
Focus on Embedded Systems   The embedded side of LinuxWorld  by Rick Lehrbaum
Games Penguins Play   SimCity 3000 Unlimited for Linux  by Neil Doane
.org Watch   A call to action  by Leslie Proctor


The PC Weasel 2000  by Jon Valesh
Core Python Programming  by Michael Baxter
Professional Linux Programming  by Stephanie Black


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