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Linux Journal Issue #97/May 2002


Lowering Latency in Linux: Introducing a Preemptible Kernel  by Robert Love
Love explains just how this kernel patch does its magic.
How the PCI Hot Plug Driver Filesystem Works  by Greg Kroah-Hartman
Oh, the simplistic sweetness of a RAM-based filesystem.
Netfilter 2: in the POM of Your Hands  by David A. Bandel
Now that you've got the basics, it's time for advanced iptables building.
Taking Advantage of Linux Capabilities  by Michael Bacarella
Bacarella gives the skinny on the security benefits of POSIX capabilities in the Linux kernel.
Debugging Kernel Modules with User-Mode Linux  by David Frascone
Keep your kernel (and hardware) safe by running it in user space with UML.


Crystal Space: an Open-Source 3-D Graphics Engine  by Howard Wen
Finally the advantages of open source come to 3-D graphics engines.
The Beowulf State of Mind  by Glen Otero
An introduction to Beowulf clusters and a HOWTO on setting up a Rocks cluster.


LJ Talks with Linux Kernel Developer Ted Ts'o  by Don Marti and Richard Vernon
Ted talks about current kernel development, his passion for amateur radio and more.


At the Forge   Databases and Zope  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Getting to Know You...My Kernel  by Marcel Gagné
Paranoid Penguin   Understanding IDS for Linux  by Pedro Bueno
GFX Tippet Studio and Nothing Real's Shake  by Robin Rowe


Focus on Software   Pessissism or Realism?  by David A. Bandel
Focus on Embedded Systems   Embedded Linux Targets Telecom Infrastructure  by Rick Lehrbaum
Linux for Suits   It's Elemental—Natural Advantages  by Doc Searls
Geek Law : The Role of Standards  by Lawrence Rosen


From the Editor   From the Editor  by Richard Vernon
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