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Linux Journal Issue #116/December 2003


Floppies for the New Millennium  by Rick Moen
A practical guide to setting up and working with USB key chains.
DVD Players  by Dave Phillips
Dave compares and tests the best DVD-playing software.
DVD Authoring  by Ian Pointer
Got ideas for TV-based information design, games and Easter eggs? Make them work on DVDs you create with this versatile software.
Managing Audio with Pd  by Peter Todd
Make your band sound like a symphony orchestra from Uranus with this drag-and-drop sound processing tool.
Ultimate Linux Box  by Glenn Stone
We load up the hottest new 64-bit architecture with the hottest new 3-D and storage hardware.


Embedding Perl in MySQL  by Brian Aker
Hey! There's a mistake in this article—Perl code in the middle of an SQL SELECT! Don't you people even read this stuff?
Cross-Platform CD Index  by Shawn P. Garbett
We liked this easy JavaScript-based CD-ROM search system so much, we used it on the 1994-2002 Linux Journal archive CD.
DVD Transcoding via Linux Metacomputing  by F. J. Gonzalez-Castaño, R. Asorey-Cacheda, R. P. Martinez-Alvarez, F. Comesaña-Seijo and J. Vales-Alonso
Strategies for converting MPEG-2 video from DVDs to MPEG-4 for next-generation home media applications.


Driving Me Nuts I2C Drivers, Part 1  by Greg Kroah-Hartman


Kernel Korner   Allocating Memory in the Kernel  by Robert Love
At the Forge   Integrating E-mail  by Reuven M. Lerner
Cooking with Linux   Put Another Nickel in...  by Marcel Gagné


Linux for Suits   Free Business  by Doc Searls
EOF   Give TCPA an Owner Override  by Seth David Schoen


Lindows 4.0  by Steve R. Hastings
Lindows MobilePC/ServeLinux eNote  by Steve R. Hastings
Inside the Security Mind: Making the Tough Decisions  by Paul Barry


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Resources for DVD Players  by Dave Phillips
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