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Linux Journal Issue #205/May 2011


Live-Fire Security Testing with Armitage and Metasploit  by Raphael Mudge
Defend your network by attacking it. Armitage and Metasploit give you the same techniques skilled attackers use, in an easy-to-use package.
Virtual Security: Combating Actual Threats  by Jeramiah Bowling
Just because you've removed the physical, doesn't mean you've removed the risk.
Build a Better Firewall—Linux HA Firewall Tutorial  by Mike Horn
Use a combination of open-source packages to build and manage a Linux-based HA firewall pair that includes support for many of the advanced features commonly found in commercial firewalls.
Security Monitoring and Enforcement with Cfengine 3  by Aleksey Tsalolikhin
How can a configuration management tool increase security?


Installing an Alternate SSL Provider on Android  by Chris Conlon
A step-by-step tutorial on installing a third-party C library on Android.


Reuven M. Lerner's At the Forge   Node.JS  
Dave Taylor's Work the Shell   Mad Libs Generator, Tweaks and Hacks  
Mick Bauer's Paranoid Penguin   DNS Cache Poisoning, Part I  
Kyle Rankin's Hack and /   Your Own Personal Server: Blog  
Kyle Rankin and Bill Childers' Tales from the Server Room   Panic on the Streets of London  
Doc Searls' EOF   The Limits of Scale  


Untangle's Multi-Functional Firewall Software  by Shawn Powers
The Google Cr-48 Mario Chrome OS Notebook  by Daniel Bartholomew

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